Affiliate programs are a form of business relationship between customers and companies. The principle of work is simple - the partner is involved in the sale of products or services, increasing demand, loyalty and brand awareness. He receives a fixed amount or percentage of each successfully completed transaction for his work.



The choice of affiliate programs is the key to successful earnings. To determine the choice of product and the selection of tools, we suggest to get acquainted with the trends for the next year.



Betting is considered to be the most successful and fast-growing monetization niche and one of the world leaders in this direction is 1xBet Partners. Rewards are paid for each attracted user. The calculation is made by RS. The payout is up to 25%.



The largest niche with affiliate programs for any requests.

Largest programs:

AliExpress - the rate from 2 to 5% for different categories of goods, with an increase in volume of sales there is an increase in the tariff. A number of goods are sold with commission of 30-50%. The minimum payout amount is 10 dollars.

Amazon - payments from 2% to 10% for the completed purchase of the attracted user. The amount of remuneration depends on the product category and the turnover of a particular webmaster. When using mobile commerce - advertising through mobile applications, revenue can increase to 25-35%. You can get rewards by check or purchase certificate.

Ebay - the remuneration is paid for new customers (from 9% to 28%), and for existing users (from 5% to 13%). The first three months there is a bonus to increase earnings - X2 for each commission. Processing of confirmed orders - 30 days.



Fast developing and growing direction. First place among the top programs is occupied by:

1xGames -  webmasters receive up to 45% of the profits for the given user. The interface supports many languages. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 25. Payment of rewards is made of weekly. Payment can be received on electronic wallets.

1xSlot -  a partner receives up to 45% of the subscriptions of the listed users. There is no maximum amount for payments and no restrictions; rewards are paid to bank cards or electronic wallets.



The most prominent representative is the American company iHerb, which sells more than 35,000 products. Partners receive 5% -10% from each purchase on the site. There are also bonuses when attracting new customers. Unconfirmed orders are processed for up to 30 days, after which you can withdraw the reward.



In addition to branded companies offering their own affiliate programs, there are partner networks with a worldwide reputation.


Rakuten Affiliate Network - the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 dollar. Commission fees for webmasters - from 5% to 20% from each sale. To use this program you need to have a site, there is no minimum amount of traffic. There are more than 1,000 advertisers for multi-channel marketing in the affiliate program.

Avangate - more than 50,000 offers, it is included in the top 20 affiliate programs in the world. The amount of remuneration - from 25% to 70% of the value of the product. The most popular are the following directions: goods for business (software for financial reporting), games, mobile applications and plugins, utilities and software. You can get a reward on a bank card, PayPal account, by check or direct bank transfer.



The total audience of Runet in the outgoing 2018 amounted to more than 90 million users - over 71% of the population in Russia. For the second year successively, the mobile version gets an audience reach higher than the desktop one. In the Russian Federation, about 10% of all orders are made from smartphones, and from tablet computers - 13-14%. Mobile commerce is developing 2.5 times faster than the entire e-commerce market is growing. South Korea is the first in the development of mobile purchases - over 50% of orders there are formed via phone / tablet.

According to investigation results, conducted since 2011, the impact of the digital market on the economy is increasing by 11% per year. According to preliminary estimates, by 2021 the contribution of the Internet market to GDP will be more than 5%.

In the top e-commerce there is search engine marketing (SEO) and display advertising on the Internet and on television.

Online sales of goods have an increase of about 25% compared with 2017, the total volume of orders is over 240 million. The number of purchases in Russian online stores has doubled (according to statistics since 2013).

Almost half of all online transactions in the world are made in China. The volume of sales in the field of e-commerce in this country is approaching the mark of 950 billion dollars. The second in the ranking of the Internet market are the United States with a turnover of 500 billion dollars.

The total advertising market in Russia in 2018 is more than 250 billion rubles. Over the past 12 months, advertising on the Internet has overtaken television (in terms of income) and has firmly established itself among the leaders in growth rates. The fastest growing market segment is video advertising.

For 2017-2018, online advertising has reached record-breaking profit margins in other countries. In the United States, the annual increase is more than 23%; according to forecasts, by 2020 the advertising market in this country will have grown by another $ 20 billion. The second leader in the development of Internet marketing is China, with an increase of 17 billion dollars. Russia will remain in the top ten, gathering by 2020-2021 about 2 billion dollars.


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