1xbet Bonus is a special app designed in the context of the betting company’s loyalty programme and which allows you to receive free bets (with promo codes), extra points and real money. All 1xbet offers are subject to terms of use, e.g. wagering requirements. If the customer does not meet the requirements of the loyalty programme, they will not receive the bonus.

The betting company 1xbet offers:

  • Welcome bonus for registering an account on the official website or mobile apps
  • Free bets with promo codes
  • Regular forecasting competitions from 1xbet
  • Extra free spins in the casino and slots
  • Extra points in the form of cashback on your account
  • Special esports bonus calendar, and lots more

Players can try and win:

  • Points (promo points);
  • Promo codes for free bets;
  • Cars, such as an Aston Martin;
  • Technology (MacBook Pro, iPhone 8S, iPhone XS);
  • Trips abroad (Maldives, UAE);
  • Free spins and much more

The loyalty program is generous. They say that 1xbet offers bonuses every step of the way.

How do you get the 1xBet registration bonus?

The betting company is offering a welcome bonus to new customers. If you plan on opening your first account with the betting company, then enter the special promo code (secret code). Thanks to this code, you can get a 1xbet bonus of up to $100, no matter which registration method you select (via the mobile app, the PC client programme, or the official website). The main thing is that you meet the requirements to get your bonus with 1xbet.

  1. Create an account. Click on the “Registration” button and select 1 of the 5 methods of opening an account (1 click, by linking your social media accounts, providing your email address, providing your mobile number, or using a QR code).
  2. Select the currency for your 1xbet account. You’ll get the welcome bonus in the currency of your choice. If you are from Kenya, select the Naira. In the future, it will be possible to open a sub-account with a different currency (dollars, euros, rubles, kwacha, tenge, zloty, and more). You can also exchange the currency with 1xbet but there is a 10% charge for the transaction.
  3. Verify your account. In order to receive the 1xbet welcome bonus, you need to: 1) confirm your personal details in your account; 2) provide your consent to participate in the loyalty programme and the bookmaker’s promotional activities.
  4. Make a deposit. The 1xbet bonus can be accrued as a percentage of the deposit sum. For example, 100% deposit bonus means that, if the customer uploads 50 dollars to their 1xbet Kenya account, the company adds another 50 dollars on top. The customer can choose their welcome bonus for themselves: no deposit bonus, double deposit, or extra points.
  5. Enter the promo code. You enter the promo code during registration to get your freebies. However, you need to find the code with the best terms for you. The 1xbet offer is based on simple terms: the higher the deposit, the better the terms.

Types of 1xbet welcome bonuses in Kenya

Which extra points, free bets and winnings can players go for?

No deposit bonus with 1xbet. This is for customers who do not have the funds available to add a deposit. The offer lets you place bets online straight away after creating a new account.

  1. 100% welcome bonus with 1xbet. The conditions for awarding this bonus are simple: top up your account and the company adds +100% on top. In order to get hold of this offer money in your pocket, you need to meet the conditions (i.e. place bets which meet the criteria).
  2. 200% special bonus with 1xbet .The bookmaker states that they can double the deposit made by the customer. For example, a customer deposited $100 to their account. 1xbet doubled the deposit. That means that an extra $200 was added to the account. As a result, the customer can place bets for $300.
  3. Extra points. Points are accrued for creating an account and you can also use them to get promo codes or exchange them for real money.
Types of 1xbet welcome bonuses in Kenya

Regular players can expect additional offers too. For example, you can place bets with 1xbet on forecasting competitions or receive enhanced odds for accumulators of the day.

What other 1xbet bonuses can customers go for?

  1. 1хТОТО (jackpot bonus). This is a free totalisator you can use to place bets on using bonus points. The minimum amount for placing bets is 50 points. In total, there are 12 events on the bet slip and the bettor has to predict at least 8 out of the 12 correctly. If the customer only predicts 2, 4, 7, or 3 events or less correctly, they lose (the good thing is that you don’t lose any real money). If you predict the minimum of  8 out of 12 matches correctly, you will get 100 1xbet bonus points. If you guess all 12 out of 12 matches correctly, you get 10,000 points.
  2. 1xbet Games. You can play “1xChest”, “1xMemory”, “1xSafe” and more. The customer gets 50–100 points for these games. How you bet does not matter; you can use the official website, the Android mobile app, or the programs for laptops and PCs. You can access 1xbet games via the 1xGames menu too.
  3. Forecasting competition award. 1xbet customers can analyze matches and get awards for predicting the results correctly in the UEFA Champions League. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to play for bonuses like an Aston Martin, MacBook Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone 8S, and bonus points to use at 1xbet.
  4. 1xbet bonus for Formula 1 participants. If you love placing bets on racing, you can participate in the competition for forecasters. The bookmaker in Kenya is offering cars, trips abroad, technology, and points packages – wherever you place bets.
1xbet bonus

With 1xbet, the bonuses are associated with mandatory wagering requirements ( to redeem your winnings). Therefore, before participating in any offers, ensure that you read the conditions and requirements associated with the offer. Otherwise, you will place bets that do not comply with the terms of the loyalty programme.

In the Bonuses menu, you can also find additional offers for Kenyan players. This includes the “Star jackpot”, “Series of unfortunate bets”, “New deposit on Lucky Wednesday”, and more. On your birthday, the company sends you a promo code for a free bet. You can participate in “Lucky Day” and “Accumulator of the Day” every day. Players who enjoy gambling will like the slots and live casino.

What are the terms and conditions of 1xbet bonuses?

The welcome bonus offer is subject to the following restrictions:

  • The customer must be an adult (18 or over)
  • The player is opening their first account with the bookmaker
  • The bettor has made a deposit into their 1xbet account to get the bonus
  • The handicapper has given their consent to participate in the loyalty programme and promotional offers
  • The player has verified their account (completed the initial verification), i.e. has completed all the fields in the “Personal details” menu
  • The customer has used a special bonus – promo code – when creating their new account (entered in the “Promo code” field)
  • The bettor has met the wagering requirements (how you place your bets does not affect this: bets can be placed via the website, programs for personal computers, or mobile apps).

100% and 200% deposit bonuses cannot simply be withdrawn from the account. The system does not let you do that and displays the following message to the client: “You cannot withdraw money before you have met the conditions for the bonus programme!”.

You have to collect points. For example, the minimum amount for receiving free bets (a promo code) on 1xbet games starts at 50 points. For bets on sports, a limit of 100 bonus points has been set.

Bonuses from the bookmaker’s mobile apps

In order to create an account and place online bets, the customer is not limited to using just the official website, but customers can also use:

  • App for smartphones, tablets and mobile phones on the operating system Android 4.1 and above
  • 1xWin client program for computers and laptops which use Microsoft Windows
  • App for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).

All of the bonuses available on the official website are also offered on the programs.  The customer will see +/- for the same markets, odds and sports. Mobile betting gives you the opportunity to place bets at home, at work, on the train, outside, and on public transport.

Bonuses are one of the reasons to register with the bookmaker. The company is said to offer a good loyalty program and the only requirement is that the customer complies with the terms and conditions. Use the offer to earn money.